Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crutches- An anything but love story

So I haven't posted in three days:

thursday... well I was lazy and forgot- oops
friday... I dislocated my knee! D:
saturday... I couldn't access a computer, why? I couldn't walk

Now I can though- due to the "magic" that is crutches
Holly Crap do I hate crutches
Firstly, they totally undermine my whole It's easier to rely on yourself theory
Second- They don't let you use your hands
Do you know how annoying it is to not be able to carry things?
Thirdly- They make stairs a pain
Fourthly- They're deceptively light, I've whacked myself in the face multiple times now
Fifthly- They're always the wrong temperature- the aluminium is either cold- or warm, but never body temp.
Sixthly- They make people have sympathy for you
Seventhly- They slow you down
Eighthly- When your not using them you have to find somewhere to put them
Ninthly- They make your underarms hurt
Tenthly- They are a little bit too short, or a little bit too tall- but it's always uncomfortable -_-
like really- do you know anyone who's EXACTLY 5'11" or 6'0" ?


Well, goodbye goodluck and may you never need crutches

oh and my thought of the day? You guessed it- crutches suck

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


         Oh Noes!
Only twenty minutes until this post is overdue!
So when in doubt- revert to trend #1; lists!
Without further ado


        I.      You found a wallet
      II.            You were attacked by monkeys
    III.            Aliens took your homework
    IV.            You are trying to immigrate into the country
      V.            Your mother ran away from home
    VI.            You kicked a dog
  VII.            You kissed a girl and liked it
VIII.            You are getting a prostate exam
    IX.            You need help making a list of 50 scenarios in which a conversation would occur
      X.            You created intelligent cheese
    XI.            You just found out you have the same English and Drama teachers
  XII.            You bought a llama
XIII.            You have every disease and therefore they all cancel each other out
XIV.            You need a job
  XV.            You are pregnant..... again
XVI.            You are pregnant.... and a man
XVII.            You lost your pet platypus
XVIII.            You graduated..... and are 5 yrs old
XIX.            You are walking on stilts
  XX.            You can speak to birds
XXI.            Your brother is actually your sister
XXII.            You were proposed to
XXIII.            You are on the run from police
XXIV.            You blew up a police car
XXV.            The Nazgul are coming!!!!
XXVI.            You have an extruded eyeball
XXVII.            You are allergic to homework
XXVIII.            You have an ostrich fetish
XXIX.            It`s your birthday
XXX.            Your wearing your birthday suit
XXXI.            You are writing a play about a play about a play about a play about a play about a play
XXXII.            You are not wearing glasses.... but two monocles
XXXIII.            You just ate a penguin steak
XXXIV.            SpongeBob came out of your TV
XXXV.            YOU live in a pineapple under the sea
XXXVI.            You preformed medical surgery..... in your sleep
XXXVII.            You have fallen in love with Lady Gaga
XXXVIII.            You have gone back in time
XXXIX.            Your best friend is Julius Caesar
   XL.            You have ran a kite
 XLI.            You attacked an emu
XLII.            An emu attacked you
XLIII.            You fed the animals at the zoo
XLIV.            A man in a jerkin sang Arabian Nights to you
XLV.            Your crab cake is singing Under The Sea
XLVI.            You have rabies
XLVII.            The purple dinosaur followed you home.......again
XLVIII.            Someone told you Mr. Rogers is dead
XLIX.            A millipede crawled into your ear and laid eggs
       L.            You are a vegetarian vampire (as in no meat, not "just" animals)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Edgey recently posted a blog about herself
So me, knowing a good idea when I see it, took her idea
And me, being lazy, took her questions
So Here goes! :D

We'll start with the basics:
Name: Neil Goel
Age: 15
Favorite color(s): Green and white- but not together :D
Favorite food: Nacho's & Salsa *NOMNOMNOM*
Favorite book: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (And he's Canadian! YAY!)
Favorite movie: Toy Story
Favorite TV show: Important THings with Demetri Martin
Favorite music group(s): Bob Marley and Down With Webster (Who are also Canadian! YAY x2!)
Favorite song: Your Man- Down With Webster
Favorite actor: Zach Braff :D

Now for some less basic questions:
Favorite scent: Oranges
Favorite Disney Movie: I already said Toy Story so erm... SHREK!! :D
Favorite quote: 
"A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is having to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, you're telling me that at a funeral, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy."
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite game:Chess

Favorite word: Superfluous
Favorite sparkler: I'm 98% certain I'm obligated to say
Hannah, speaking of which... Hey ;) :D

Ok, enough favorites for a while:
Current nail color? Unpainted
Manicure or Pedicure? Never had either
Drink or smoke? Liver or Lungs?
E-lationship? yes
Real relationship? no.
Glasses, contacts, or perfect vision? glasses :D
Sing in the shower? yes
Most played song on ipod? Your Man- DWW
Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter? Facebook
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Bella's truck

And last but certainly not least, Sparkler asked questions:
Have you ever been on a swim team? (Swimm3rDood) no
Are you excited for the World Cup? (Aditrs) Yep- GO SPAIN GO! :D
Dairy Queen or Coldstone? (Wakwy) No Coldstone in Canada so...
Domino's or Papa John's? (Wakwy) Domino's
What do you want to be when you grow up? (ApocolypseLord) A laywer?
Hippos or Rhinos? (ApocolypseLord) Hippopotamus
What is your favorite style of architecture? (GoldieClayalee) Roman :D
Religion? (xXx_Dragon_Rider_xXx) Hindu
Walk, bike, drive, or be driven? (xXx_Dragon_Rider_xXx) Driven- unless it's nice it, in which case- walk

And since I'm not totally lazy I'll add on some questions for the next person: :D

do you have a water buffalo? (Edgey) No, But I wish I did... actually no- I don't want that :P
Do you have any pets?(fuzzie) NO! D: I wish I did :)

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?(fuzzie) Funny you should ask that :D, you see when bored on summer days there's not much to do. *enter tootsie pop* And the nember is.....
*drumroll* 537! :D

And that more or less ends my new questions -_-"

But now you know all about me-
Have at it stalkers :P
Goodbye Goodluck and may your cookies bake to perfection

Neil's thought of the day:
If cat's always land on their feet, and toast always lands butter side down what happens if we drop a cat that has a piece of toast strapped to it? (butter-side up of course)

Monday, April 26, 2010

53 Reasons why being a girl ROCKS!!

Blogging Trend #3
Comments... ON LISTS!!
It's a two-for-one value pack :D
So today's list comes about when I was perusing facebook
I then saw the group that has become the title for this post
And honestly... These kinda scare me-
*in announcer voice*
*audience applauds*

1. No one cares if we're gay.

I'm quite sure that gay is gay. Either you care or you don't. Gender has no impact on your homophobicness.

2. We look great with long or short hair.
And guys can only have one of the two?

3. pretty painted nails

That we never have to paint

4. sitting down while peeing is much more relaxing.

We CAN sit down when we pee. But why should we?

5. on the same note, we don't have to worry about missing, sitting down is a sure shot.

Refer to #4

6. we play sports just as good as guys and look great while doing it.

Erm... OK? On a sidenote- the grammar makes me cringe

7. in general, we dance better.

So sexism is what were getting into? I wont debate on speculation :D

8. Chip and Dales

I must admit, I had to google what this meant. But in response- Hooters?

9. we can see a 1/2 naked guy and just appriciate it without daydreaming about having sex with him. 

More Speculation- and... what if were gay huh?

10. dildos are way more satisfying then penises....they vibrate, how can you compete with that?

No Comment

11. just having boobs gives you a great advantage in life. 

Women make Seventy cents to every dollar a male does. I totally agree with you

12. Girls are always invited

To Parties? Maybe if your erm... "loose with your inhibitions"

13. Fashion Network

More Stereotypes? Fine- ESPN

14. not being expected to pay for the date.

That just makes you a freeloader. With the recent influx of feminism more and more women strive to pay at least half.

15. Make-up fixes everything

Your point being? Oh- you have a stigma... lovely

16. Midol is a cure-all!!

Had to google this one too. Do you know what's better than having to cure menstrual cramps? Not having a menstrual cycle.

17. our clothes are WAY cuter

More speculation-

18. we can't get kicked in the balls

We don't have to give birth

19. our nails are long enough to scratch with

Meanwhile a punch is much more effictive

20. we don't go bald when we get old

More stigma's- Im shaving my head :P But really- Rogaine is you care that much

21. if you try hard enough, you can get a guy to do whatever you want.

If you try hard enough you can make a girl do anything you want... the trick is in the effort

22. We have more common sense

Really? This list totally shows that

23. free keg cups!!

Says who?

24. getting proposed to

Is much worse than being able to choose the time of your engagement

25. Daddy always spoils us

Not really

26. no pressure to get laid, we can get it whenever we want.

So guys don;t have standards? lovely...

27. we don't have to prove our "manhood"

We don't have to prove our womanhood

28. we don't get made fun of for having stuffed animals on our bed

I don;t have stuffed animal's on my bed... never quite got the point

29. we're always allowed to express our emotions

Men arn't quite as butch as you seem to think we are

30. Men's Beach Vollyball...HOTT!!

Women's Beach Vollyball...HOTT!!

31. no one thinks we're gay if we wear pink and purple and rainbows everyday

I wear both pink and purple... I happen to be straight... sorry?

32. lip gloss= pretty shiney lips


33. smooth legs and armpits


34. chick flicks are the best movies ever...and we don't get made fun of for liking them.

More opinion- "action flicks are the best movies ever...and we don't get made fun of for liking them."

35. we can multi-task.

While its true that women multi-task better than men, men are proven to do one singular task better than women. Which is better is up to you.

36. we can controll when we think about sex


37. we can bring life into the world

There are two parts to that equation...

38. we can bleed for a week and not die

So can I... when I do it its voluntary

39. cheerleading IS a sport

So is football, soccer, baseball, tennis.. etc.

40. we smell good..always

No you don't... If I threw you into a pile of manure would you smell good?

41. short women are still attractive

And short men aren't? o.O

42. being menstral is ALWAYS a good excuse

For what...?

43. simple things like flowers and chocolate make us happy...and guys still haven't seemed to figure that out

Your point being? And damn... you seem to be quite superficial

44. we don't have to shave our face, so if we get a little nick or cut, just wear pants that day... you can't cover your face

We don't HAVE to shave at all... If we nick ourselves... who cares?

45. we don't ever have to pay for sex

Neither do men... Also- Thats illegal

46. cute underwear!!

Erm... are elephants cute?

47. we can confortably cross our legs without squishing our balls.

I cross my legs all the time.. my balls are intact

48. someday you'll be a cute little old lady

Or the crazy person with 47 cats

49. being able to shop for hours takes talent

Men can't shop now?

50. small dogs make the best companions..they can go anywhere

Except places that don't allow dogs. These are also the places that large dogs cannot go. Also- men can own small dogs

51. we don't get woodys at awkeward moments and have to try and hide them.

We don't get period blood stains

52. when girls sweat, its hott. when guys sweat its nasty.

Erm- I find sweat a natural process... thus it is not attractive, or not attractive- It just is

53. we actually grow up

And men never mature? Ever? Because I'm sure that for every crazy dude there has to be a crazy dudette 

NOTE: I'm not sexist- I just find this list annoying to the extreme

So in conclusion: Biased Facebook groups upset me
Goodbye, Goodluck, and may your carrots never be brown

Neil's Thought of the Day: How can people believe that the Holocaust didn't happen?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

WARNING! Rant Ahead-

Blogging Trend #2- Rants
So here we go! :D

Alright so far my biggest talent seems to be procrastinating.
EVen now I have a essay and "creative component" due tomm. and I've barely started.
SO this is NOT a good plan. Perhaps I should actually do the work. As we speak (is speak the right word here... erm as I type and you read. Lets go with that) I am procrastinating. This is quite upsetting. Like.... AURGGH! Ok- So lets go over what I need to do. Essay on world hunger from an ecological perspective, creative component (I wanted to do a stop motion but I dont think thats happening [for those of you who dont know what a stop motion is I'll post a link {or embed the video if I can, side note: how do you put parenthetical statements into other parenthetical statements?}. A stop motion is, in essence, when you take photo's with a digital camera and then use each photo as a frame in your video.] due to my procrastination).   Alright so perhaps I shall end this non-sensical rant. AURGGH! Ok so if your reading this and your completely confused  I apologize. Now- I feel better. So I'm off to do work now.
Goodnight, Goodluck and may your mangoes never be blue :D

Neil's Thought of the Day: How do you put parenthetical statements into other parenthetical statements?

Oh- The link:

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Alright Everybody:
I have started a blog :)
And one thing that I noticed is quite popular in blogs are...


So here we go-

Why I started this blog:

#1- Sparknotes and everyone who has one (I got jealous :P)
#2- I wanted to write something
#3- I wanted to be able to say- "Ok look- Something that I can do :)
#4- I wanted to not be bored :P
#5- I wanted to comment on other peoples blogs
#6- I was dared to :P
#7- Ms. Bacchus :D
#8- I wanted to be able to continue my thought's of the day... among other things of the day

which brings me to my next point :D

So- on facebook I very briefly ran a "thought of the day" campaign-
And I shall continue it now!! :D
so yes :D

Neil's Thought of the Day- What happens at the end of the universe?

Also- what other things of the can I do?
A word of the day!!
A quote of the day!!


And I seem to be rambling so this seems a point as good as any to end this rant-
In conclusion-

Goodbye, good luck, and may your strawberries never be purple :D