Sunday, April 25, 2010

WARNING! Rant Ahead-

Blogging Trend #2- Rants
So here we go! :D

Alright so far my biggest talent seems to be procrastinating.
EVen now I have a essay and "creative component" due tomm. and I've barely started.
SO this is NOT a good plan. Perhaps I should actually do the work. As we speak (is speak the right word here... erm as I type and you read. Lets go with that) I am procrastinating. This is quite upsetting. Like.... AURGGH! Ok- So lets go over what I need to do. Essay on world hunger from an ecological perspective, creative component (I wanted to do a stop motion but I dont think thats happening [for those of you who dont know what a stop motion is I'll post a link {or embed the video if I can, side note: how do you put parenthetical statements into other parenthetical statements?}. A stop motion is, in essence, when you take photo's with a digital camera and then use each photo as a frame in your video.] due to my procrastination).   Alright so perhaps I shall end this non-sensical rant. AURGGH! Ok so if your reading this and your completely confused  I apologize. Now- I feel better. So I'm off to do work now.
Goodnight, Goodluck and may your mangoes never be blue :D

Neil's Thought of the Day: How do you put parenthetical statements into other parenthetical statements?

Oh- The link:


  1. nonsensical is right :)
    i got lost about three lines down. this is like me talking :)

  2. Well, all I have to say is, "Why didn't you start this earlier???" By the way, I like your last sentence.. Mangoes. Blue. Haha..