Saturday, April 24, 2010


Alright Everybody:
I have started a blog :)
And one thing that I noticed is quite popular in blogs are...


So here we go-

Why I started this blog:

#1- Sparknotes and everyone who has one (I got jealous :P)
#2- I wanted to write something
#3- I wanted to be able to say- "Ok look- Something that I can do :)
#4- I wanted to not be bored :P
#5- I wanted to comment on other peoples blogs
#6- I was dared to :P
#7- Ms. Bacchus :D
#8- I wanted to be able to continue my thought's of the day... among other things of the day

which brings me to my next point :D

So- on facebook I very briefly ran a "thought of the day" campaign-
And I shall continue it now!! :D
so yes :D

Neil's Thought of the Day- What happens at the end of the universe?

Also- what other things of the can I do?
A word of the day!!
A quote of the day!!


And I seem to be rambling so this seems a point as good as any to end this rant-
In conclusion-

Goodbye, good luck, and may your strawberries never be purple :D


  1. Wow.. this is xXx_lola_xXx by the way

    I like your last sentence :)

  2. BOOYAH. hello. i hope you are not discriminating against my purple strawberries! le gasp! THE HORROR!!!!