Monday, April 26, 2010

53 Reasons why being a girl ROCKS!!

Blogging Trend #3
Comments... ON LISTS!!
It's a two-for-one value pack :D
So today's list comes about when I was perusing facebook
I then saw the group that has become the title for this post
And honestly... These kinda scare me-
*in announcer voice*
*audience applauds*

1. No one cares if we're gay.

I'm quite sure that gay is gay. Either you care or you don't. Gender has no impact on your homophobicness.

2. We look great with long or short hair.
And guys can only have one of the two?

3. pretty painted nails

That we never have to paint

4. sitting down while peeing is much more relaxing.

We CAN sit down when we pee. But why should we?

5. on the same note, we don't have to worry about missing, sitting down is a sure shot.

Refer to #4

6. we play sports just as good as guys and look great while doing it.

Erm... OK? On a sidenote- the grammar makes me cringe

7. in general, we dance better.

So sexism is what were getting into? I wont debate on speculation :D

8. Chip and Dales

I must admit, I had to google what this meant. But in response- Hooters?

9. we can see a 1/2 naked guy and just appriciate it without daydreaming about having sex with him. 

More Speculation- and... what if were gay huh?

10. dildos are way more satisfying then penises....they vibrate, how can you compete with that?

No Comment

11. just having boobs gives you a great advantage in life. 

Women make Seventy cents to every dollar a male does. I totally agree with you

12. Girls are always invited

To Parties? Maybe if your erm... "loose with your inhibitions"

13. Fashion Network

More Stereotypes? Fine- ESPN

14. not being expected to pay for the date.

That just makes you a freeloader. With the recent influx of feminism more and more women strive to pay at least half.

15. Make-up fixes everything

Your point being? Oh- you have a stigma... lovely

16. Midol is a cure-all!!

Had to google this one too. Do you know what's better than having to cure menstrual cramps? Not having a menstrual cycle.

17. our clothes are WAY cuter

More speculation-

18. we can't get kicked in the balls

We don't have to give birth

19. our nails are long enough to scratch with

Meanwhile a punch is much more effictive

20. we don't go bald when we get old

More stigma's- Im shaving my head :P But really- Rogaine is you care that much

21. if you try hard enough, you can get a guy to do whatever you want.

If you try hard enough you can make a girl do anything you want... the trick is in the effort

22. We have more common sense

Really? This list totally shows that

23. free keg cups!!

Says who?

24. getting proposed to

Is much worse than being able to choose the time of your engagement

25. Daddy always spoils us

Not really

26. no pressure to get laid, we can get it whenever we want.

So guys don;t have standards? lovely...

27. we don't have to prove our "manhood"

We don't have to prove our womanhood

28. we don't get made fun of for having stuffed animals on our bed

I don;t have stuffed animal's on my bed... never quite got the point

29. we're always allowed to express our emotions

Men arn't quite as butch as you seem to think we are

30. Men's Beach Vollyball...HOTT!!

Women's Beach Vollyball...HOTT!!

31. no one thinks we're gay if we wear pink and purple and rainbows everyday

I wear both pink and purple... I happen to be straight... sorry?

32. lip gloss= pretty shiney lips


33. smooth legs and armpits


34. chick flicks are the best movies ever...and we don't get made fun of for liking them.

More opinion- "action flicks are the best movies ever...and we don't get made fun of for liking them."

35. we can multi-task.

While its true that women multi-task better than men, men are proven to do one singular task better than women. Which is better is up to you.

36. we can controll when we think about sex


37. we can bring life into the world

There are two parts to that equation...

38. we can bleed for a week and not die

So can I... when I do it its voluntary

39. cheerleading IS a sport

So is football, soccer, baseball, tennis.. etc.

40. we smell good..always

No you don't... If I threw you into a pile of manure would you smell good?

41. short women are still attractive

And short men aren't? o.O

42. being menstral is ALWAYS a good excuse

For what...?

43. simple things like flowers and chocolate make us happy...and guys still haven't seemed to figure that out

Your point being? And damn... you seem to be quite superficial

44. we don't have to shave our face, so if we get a little nick or cut, just wear pants that day... you can't cover your face

We don't HAVE to shave at all... If we nick ourselves... who cares?

45. we don't ever have to pay for sex

Neither do men... Also- Thats illegal

46. cute underwear!!

Erm... are elephants cute?

47. we can confortably cross our legs without squishing our balls.

I cross my legs all the time.. my balls are intact

48. someday you'll be a cute little old lady

Or the crazy person with 47 cats

49. being able to shop for hours takes talent

Men can't shop now?

50. small dogs make the best companions..they can go anywhere

Except places that don't allow dogs. These are also the places that large dogs cannot go. Also- men can own small dogs

51. we don't get woodys at awkeward moments and have to try and hide them.

We don't get period blood stains

52. when girls sweat, its hott. when guys sweat its nasty.

Erm- I find sweat a natural process... thus it is not attractive, or not attractive- It just is

53. we actually grow up

And men never mature? Ever? Because I'm sure that for every crazy dude there has to be a crazy dudette 

NOTE: I'm not sexist- I just find this list annoying to the extreme

So in conclusion: Biased Facebook groups upset me
Goodbye, Goodluck, and may your carrots never be brown

Neil's Thought of the Day: How can people believe that the Holocaust didn't happen?


  1. i'm procastinating, so i feel like voicing my opinion (directed at the writers of the list not you, i mostly agree with you, neil.)

    11. it sucks. its so unfair that women make less money. i mean, we work as hard as you do, well at least us females that arent like the writers of this list.

    15. i hate makeup.

    17. idk. female clothing can be ugly. and male clothing can be really cute. i think it depends more on the person.

    21. it really is the effort, not the gender.

    22. don't judge all girls by this list. please.

    31. and i don't wear pink or rainbows.

    32. lip gloss is soooo annoying. it never stays on. and if it tastes good, you just want to eat it, but if it tastes bad, you don't want to wear it. so i choose not to wear it.refer to #15

    33. shaving sucks. it really does. and it's completely counter productive. the more you shave, the faster it grows. ugh.

    34. chick flicks can be ok. but a lot of them are over used and lame.

    35. i think this one is about equal. more things at once, or one thing done better. it's basically tied.

    39. so is dance. i dance. and i'm trying out for cheerleading and almost guaranteed to make it, but i'm not going and saying something is more of a sport than something else.

    40. not true. and guys can smell good too. ever heard of cologne?

    42. but it gets soooooo annoying when you get mad and the first thing out of almost anyone's mouth is "are you on your period?"

    43. flowers and chocolates are not that simple. i mean, there's so many different kinds of flowers and chocolate.
    for me (this list is starting to make me think i'm a weird girl, that i completely do not fit in with the norm), my day can be made with a walk in the park or a phone call.

    44. refer to #33

    46. i'm not even going there.

    48. this list is making me think i'll be the crazy cat lady shunned by society. but not all old ladies are cute. some are pyscho.

    49. talent or insanity. i like shopping, don't get me wrong, but for hours? goodbye bank account.

    50. small dogs are cute. but the kind of small dog this list is talkign about is obnoxious. like the teacup poodles.

    52. sweat is sweat. everyone has to learn to deal with it. and gender doesn't make it hot/not hot. i personally might be biased due to my hyper hydrosis, so don't pay too much attention to this one.

    53. i beg to differ. the writers of this list have obviously not grown up. and i know plenty of mature males. AND i know for a fact that girls can be as immature as guys.

    NOTE- i find this list annoying too.

  2. ok this list is annoying...
    but i'd still rather be a girl. ;D there are too many lovely, STRAIGHT men in this world to not want to be one. now the trick is actually getting to MEET one. *sigh* none of the good ones seem to be in my town.

  3. @gummy

    I Totally Agree with you :D


    What town is this? ;)


  4. @kitty
    i like being a girl too. im just not the kind of girl depicted in this list. at all.

    and i cant seem to meet one either. *sigh*

    well it's nice to know that i won't be completely shunned by society for not fitting into this list. lol. [:

  5. I'd much rather be a girl but this girl has almost no realy points as to why!!! Seriously.. She is just so superficial and stupid.

  6. neil, don't judge us girls based on this list please :)
    and you totally stealed my idea. i might just sue you.
    just kidding. you're hilarious. *HUG*

  7. @Edgey

    Google works in mysterious ways :D


    LOL No problem


    My point exactly


    Dont worry I won't :D
    And... "stealed"?
    And thanks :D *HUG*

  8. I couldn't read that whole thing because I would have cried of despair. Are there actually girls that are *that* stereotypical?


  9. @neil: yesh, stealed. so there :D

  10. @ Hannah: "I just might sue you"? Those words look familiar... too familiar... I might just sue you for that.